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Turn any website into a stunning mobile app effortlessly.

Reach More
Users with Mobile Apps

Expand your online presence by converting your website into engaging mobile applications.

    Your Website's Potential

    Transform your website into a powerful Android and iOS app with ease.

    Convert any Website
    into an Andriod & IOS app

    Get app versions of your website for intuitive access, offline capabilities, and a superior experience.

    Save Time
    Convert your website into captivating Android and iOS apps just in one click.
    Save Money
    Objectively seize scalable metrics whereas proactive e-services strategies.
    Build Loyality
    Dramatically synthesize integrated schemas with optimal networks.
    Increase Reach
    Boost user interaction and reach by transforming your website into mobile apps.

    Mobile Application Features

    Create lasting connections with our apps- make content more accessible, engage users with friendly push notifications, and create personalized experiences.
    Cloud Backup
    Offline Access
    Push Notification
    Customizable Themes
    Multi Laguage
    Contact & Sharing
    Maps Integration

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    Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test. Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value.

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    Boost up your business by converting the visitors into your permanent clients by providing them endless facilities on every available device.

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      User Side Mobile
      Application Features

      Ready-to-Upload Android & iOS Apps
      Get fully functional, ready-to-upload Android and iOS apps for your website.
      Multi-Language Support
      Experience the mobile app in your preferred language.
      Complete Website Experience
      Enjoy all the features of your website seamlessly on the mobile app.
      Contact and Sharing Features
      Connect with users through contact forms and enable content sharing.
      Push Notifications
      Easily send notifications to users using the intuitive admin mobile app.
      WhatsApp Integration
      Receive direct messages from clients through WhatsApp integration.
      Offline Access
      Access your website content even without an internet connection.
      Google Maps Integration
      Display your identity on Google Maps and showcase contact details.

      Admin App Features

      Feel free to leverage these compelling features to showcase the benefits of your mobile app template on your website

      Complete Control

      Take full control of the user side application with powerful admin features. Admin app is available separately for Android and iOS platforms.

      Language Management

      Enhance user experience by adding new languages through the admin app to display labels in your desired language.

      Theme Customization

      Define theme colors in admin app to instantly customize the look and feel of the user app.

      Comprehensive Analytics

      Obtain real-time analytics for your Android and iOS apps with the web-based admin panel, all available at no cost.

      Flexible Content Display

      Decide which website pages to showcase on the user app by just adding the respective URLs to show the latest content.

      Notification Management

      Send notifications easily through the admin app and track them via the web admin panel

      Identity Configuration

      Set coordinates, email, and WhatsApp details via the admin app to display on the user side app

      How to Covert Website to App for Free?

      7 steps to convert a website to a mobile app with online software

      Step 1 : Purchase App Template

      Purchase our one of the available plans

      Step 2 : Firebase Setup

      Register your app on Firebase and add configuration file to enable cool features.

      Step 3 : Input your Site URL

      You can type or copy and paste the URL of your website in the admin app.

      Step 4 : Customize App Layout

      Add language(s) and define the labels, choose color combinations, add website URLs, & add contact information

      Step 5 : Name Your App

      Change the name of your website, which would also be the name of your app.

      Step 6 : Choose an Icon

      Choose the default icon or choose your logo. This would serve as your app icon.

      Step 7 : Publish App on Google Play

      Ready! Publish your mobile app on Google Play & App Store and share it with your users and friends.

      What our
      Customers say?
      Gotta love Get Rapid Apps!
      We dramatically. increased our reach and conversions online. Game Changer!

      Angela Jackson
      We love our app!
      We got all the features we needed and the GRA team were awesome with our ever changing demands. Thank you GRA!

      Edward Dawson
      GRA is a revolution.
      We were looking for an app development we could afford. At first we thought there must be a catch. We were so happy to find there is no catch and we got everything we wanted for a price we could afford. Thank you Get Rapid Apps

      Emma Hewitt

      Packages & Offers

      Basic Plan
      • Ready-to-Upload Android & iOS Apps
      • Complete Website Features
      • Instantly Reflects Website Changes
      • Push Notifications
      • Customizable Themes
      • Multi-Language Support
      • Contact and Sharing Features
      • WhatsApp Integration
      • Google Maps Integration
      • Manually Setup Firebase Console
      Advanced Plan
      Includes all Basic Plan features, plus
      • App Offline Working:
      • Monetization with Ads
      • Analytics Dashboard
      • Powerful Admin App for Android & iOS
      • Add/Edit/Delete Languages through admin
      • Control website pages
      • User-Friendly Screens to Send Notifications
      • VIP Support
      Premium Plan
      Includes all Basic and Advanced Plan features, plus
      • Customization of Template
      • Uploading Apps to Google & App Store and Getting Approvals
      • Free Visuals e.g App Icon, Banners, Screenshots & Graphics
      • App Store Optimization (ASO)
      • Compelling App Promotion
      • Lifetime Support


      What makes us so good at our work?

      You can create apps only for 1 website per subscription. This will include one mobile app for Android or IOS.

      If you’d like to create apps for multiple projects, then you can add multiple subscriptions under the same user account.

      What is your refund policy?

      If the app contains any issue or Google Play Store does not approve your app for any reason, GRA will provide full refunds if claimed within 15 days from purchasing and the created app will stop functioning.

      Click here for complete details of our Refund Policy.

      Do I need a developer account?

      Only if you want to publish your App in Google Play Store or App Store.

      Once you build the apps, you’ll get the APK and AAB (for Android app). You can also request us to publish the app on your behalf with custom order.

      What is the Google Play Console?

      The Google Play Console is a platform provided by Google for managing and publishing Android apps on the Google Play Store. It allows app developers to upload, distribute, and manage their apps, as well as access various analytics and marketing tools. The Google Play Console requires a one-time subscription fee of $25 for a lifetime account.

      To create a Google Play Console account, please visit the following link:

      What is App Store Connect?

      App Store Connect is a platform provided by Apple for managing and distributing iOS apps on the Apple App Store. It enables app developers to submit their apps for review, manage app metadata and pricing, and access sales and performance data. App Store Connect requires an annual subscription fee of $99.

      To create an Apple Store Account, please visit the following link:

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